Project plan

When is the project going to be delivered? How much will it cost? What exactly will be delivered? How will it be delivered? We know how to assist our clients, they need to know what they’re getting, when, and for how much. Either it’s a big iOT system requirement or as small as 1 page website, we believe this is the most important step.

  • Business Requirement Documentation

    Every business is unique and needs a personalized roadmap to grow. With our business requirement documentation services, you can formally draft your goals and expectations pertaining to your business. The documentation is fully focused on business and contains every minute detail, from problem to solution, to help the clients achieve the best of what they expect. Partnering with Appzinnovation can help you chart out business details to formulate an achievement strategy. We guarantee significant development in your project by streamlining your project plan with our top-of-the-line approach. Rest assured; our professionals will manage it all.

  • Project Phases

    From inception to execution, a project undergoes various phases. Taken together, these phases make the path to a goal-oriented project approach. Our group of specialists holds the capabilities to sort out project complexities and lead it from the initial to the final stage- Initiation, planning, execution, evaluation, and project closure. Managing a project without previous experience may hamper the project's integrity and hence productivity. Our project managers are smart and proficient to perform their tasks well and render perfection the assigned task. With us, you can stay ahead of the competitors by focusing on result-oriented project management.

  • Project Scope, budget and Timeline

    Basic documentation, finalizing the budget, streamlining the process, achieving milestones, and timely deliveries, we assist you with everything. Project planning and management help you prevent delays by predicting and streamlining the workflow of your organization and clients. We have a team of a project management professional who will determine all from project scope to budget to ensure that you deliver the best of your services. We will never let you miss any project timeline or jump the budget limit. Our professional will see it all while allowing you to work on the project with all your dedication.

  • Work Process

    Determining the work process is half the work done. After acknowledging project phases and assigning timelines, planning workflow is of utmost importance. We let you focus more on important things to come up with productive solutions. Our team possesses the right blend of skills, knowledge, and tools to initiate, plan, execute and monitor your growth pace. As a team, we prioritize successful completion by charting out the entire work process before initiating. We will manage the way your company manages its business process by adopting a refined approach. Still having confusion? Let’s help you out.

  • Project Milestones

    Productivity being at the center helps us achieve project-specific goals and objectives and explore new avenues. We delineate key project deliverables to mark achievement upon the successful completion of an important phase. We help you achieve your project milestones in the least time by curating propelled approach that breaks off a large project into manageable parts. Precise project scheduling with milestones is the easiest way of project planning and can bring a lot of benefits. What to deliver? When to deliver? How to deliver? All these queries can be answered with a properly scheduled project milestone.

  • Final Deliverables

    A project that has met its goals can be delivered to the client or team. But before the final delivery, it’s mandatory to analyze that everything is as per the client’s expectation to avoid edits. It also helps you to probe all that you have learned throughout the project duration, thus giving you a lesson for the future. Our Quality Control and Testing Teams will ensure that the deliverable is in the intended order and meet the expectations. We will help you define, track and manage project deliverables to let you put your best side forward.

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