Design & Markup

A good design not only just attract attention of your customers but it can also enhance the quality of your message. We make sure that our design make your content stand out and look good.

  • UI/UX Design

    We craft designs that speak. We are a team of UI/UX Designers bestowed with creative insight to create impressive UI / UX designs and a knack to pay attention to detail. We master the art of creating compelling and interactive designs for social media, email campaigns, websites, mobile applications, etc. Creating interactive and attractive designs is all that you want. We keep end-users in mind to achieve the best user experience and interaction for the clients. We stick to a customized design process to maintain our work standards, workflows, and guidelines and deliver the best possible designs.

  • Wireframing

    Breathe new life into your app with AppzInnovation. Navigating the facade of the digital landscape, we have curated a conceptual wireframing process by balancing UX and engineering for high-end results. During wireframing, we structure all from screen and brand elements to object categories and content hierarchy. Once done well, quality wireframing reduces development costs and efforts. We quickly create and test web and mobile app wireframes using the best tools and techniques to validate results and allow quick iteration cycles. Support your web or mobile app with wireframing for a desirable start.

  • Web Design

    Having impressive web design completes a website, improves conversion rates, and maximizes revenue. Web designs can have an immense impact on your conversion rate as the website is the first point of interaction with your clients and can affect their perception of your brand. Every website that we design is a blend of careful consideration and a firm implementation. Whether simple or moderate, high–end or world-class, our professional website design services cover it all. Our web designs are customized, responsive on different platforms, search engine optimized, secured, and professionally presented.

  • Mobile App Design

    Be it food, shopping, fitness, or anything else, our reliance on mobile applications is increasing every second. No matter what your mobile app design requirements are, we prioritize interactive UI, fast loading time, ease of use, and aesthetically pleasing designs to make a user friendly for maximum downloads. From structure and simplicity to visibility, we stick to the basic UI design principle to underline every minute aspect while designing your personalized app and stimulate app download. We have a team of qualified UI/UX designers who work on your app to deliver the highly functional app in the least time.

  • Design Prototyping

    Validate your concepts and design ideas to improve and polish the products at the initial stage, analyzing their future relevance and simulate the interaction between the user and interface. We lead with an iterative approach to UI design for ideation, prototyping, and testing. We manage the structural arrangement and visual presentations of the layout and page structure to maintain design harmony. Our designers, engineers, and architect help you get a tangible model of solutions to ensure the best outcome for your ideation.

  • Logo & Branding Design

    Looking generic is no more an option as a logo says a lot about your brand. Make your brand stand out from the crowd by rendering it a perfect logo. A finely crafted logo is a combination of font, color, and image that can make it easily recognizable and memorable. We have creative logo designers and a branding team who are experts at creating the visual identity for the brand by plying with various strategic design concepts. We are your branding partner to recreate your brand identity for a lasting impression on your visitors. Get our personal logo created with AppzInovation.

  • Sketch

  • Adobe xD

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Figma

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AppzInnovation is a full-fledged digital services company, offering best-in-class services including Design and Mark Up, Product Development, Digital Marketing, App Development, Web Development, UI/UX design and project planning. We have clients from all around the world, who have utilized our services to take their brand to new heights of online success. Our gamut of professional services is meant to meet the needs of clients from diverse industry verticals, scales, and businesses to let them grow and focus on their businesses. Partner with us to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

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